10 reasons we love the Suzuki Cappuccino


If anyone were to create a pocket roadster that was truly fun to drive, it would always be the Japanese. Born in the car category Kei, the eccentric Suzuki Cappuccino makes the ever-evolving Mazda MX-5 Miata look like a vast grand tourer. Frankly ridiculous to look at, try one, and you will however become addicted.

Proving that it’s not just monstrous horsepower, big displacement and 0-60 times that can make a NASA rocket blush, the Suzuki Cappuccino is a humble sports car that delivers huge levels of fun. . With only the similar Honda Beat Kei Car Roadster as a competitor, the little Cappuccino is, as its name suggests, small, powerful and with lots of exuberant froth.

Once a well-kept JDM secret, the little Suzuki Cappuccino has always had a cult following. It’s a finely crafted machine that does everything its larger competitors do, just in small doses. Often overlooked for its toy size, here are 10 reasons we love the Suzuki Cappuccino.

ten A Kei car

The Japanese Kei car category was born as a result of strict vehicle sizing regulations. The smallest passenger vehicle size allowed on the highway, Kei cars bring tax, insurance, and parking fee advantages to the owner as well as a certain cute appeal.

Gobbling up a huge percentage of sales in their home market, it is very rare that Kei cars are offered outside of Japan. The few exceptions are usually purchased by avid JDM fans eager to enjoy the pint-sized pleasure on offer.

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9 Smart engineering

With dimensions that make it look like an elaborate child’s toy, the Suzuki Cappuccino is a marvel of design. Weighing just 1,653 pounds and measuring just over 10 feet long, it’s hard to believe the Cappuccino is a fully street-legal vehicle.

Powered by a turbocharged engine that only has a displacement of 657 cc, the Cappuccino develops 63 hp. With such a low curb weight, the little Suzuki will hit 60 mph in just over 7 seconds, depending on driver weight, of course.

8 An ambitious drive

Wanting to offer something different to those looking for a Kei car, Suzuki came up with the Cappuccino. A two-seater sports car becoming an ambitious purchase for many hard-working people. Offering all the thrills, but none of the costs associated with full-size cars.

Despite its size, the Cappuccino was not a bargain. Solidly built with quality materials, they have stood the test of time. Mechanically robust, the little roadster will outlast many larger and more complicated cars without any problems.

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seven No laughing matter

Almost monstrous by an average mountain bike, the Cappuccino has been the subject of many jokes. While most focused on the old adage “size matters,” many assumed that having such little horsepower would result in a truly boring ride.

But proving that’s definitely what you make of it, the little roadster underlined the word fun. Faster than many hatchbacks of its time, the car’s lightweight nature allowed it to outrun, outrun and outperform those who challenged it.

6 More fun than you think

A thoughtful package that revolves around less is more. At low speeds the Cappuccino is a delight, easy to maneuver, simple to park and more than happy to contend with heavier traffic. Open the throttle a little, and it just makes you smile.

The turbocharged engine spits out plenty of torque, while the learned chassis is very communicative. Magnificently nimble, the Cappuccino will dart forward with a deft feel of the steering. Straight lines and corners merge into one while gripping, going and gripping even more.

5 A cute compact

Small but perfectly formed. The Suzuki Cappuccino has all the sporty elements you would associate with a performance car. From its rear-wheel-drive chassis and double-wishbone suspension to disc brakes, it doesn’t compromise in any way.

Later versions of the Cappuccino were revised to become even lighter. Saving weight through a new chain-driven motor and alloy wheels made it even quicker, while the addition of a limited-slip differential gave it even sharper steering response.

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4 Award-winning story

Following a lengthy deal and minor redesign, Suzuki Britain homologated 23 examples for release in the UK. Launched at the 1992 British Motor Show, it won numerous design awards and became a real star.

Only two colors were offered for import. In the two years it went on sale, 1,100 European-spec cars were shipped to the UK, while another 70 were sold through select European dealerships. The cappuccino received universal critical acclaim.

3 A modifiable mini monster

Thanks to its forced induction configuration, the Cappuccino can be modified relatively easily. With a remapping, air filter and exhaust swap, power can be pushed to almost 100 hp. A small figure that gives huge results on the street, due to its lightness.

Those looking to create a mini-monster are faced with a variety of options. A bigger turbo, racing cams and beefed up engine internals are all on the table. As was the option to ditch the engine in favor of one from another Suzuki, this one being a Hayabusa sport bike.

2 Ownership without headaches

The cappuccino, in stock form, runs on internals without issue. Unstressed in its factory form, the little engine will happily rev through great odometer readings as long as it’s serviced regularly. Some are notorious for rusting, but that’s pretty easy to fix.

While gearboxes can have timing issues, again repair is usually not an issue. Those looking to customize and modify their rides will be shocked by the amount of kits on offer. Making a unique little roadster is literally just a few button clicks away.

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1 The pleasure of driving

As engines get more powerful, it’s easy to forget how much fun it can be to drive an underpowered, well-sorted car. The Suzuki Cappuccino is a gateway to those memories. A smooth-handling JDM smile machine that turns heads and stirs the soul.

Yes, it might be as practical as pocketless pants, but in some cases function can trump form. Think of it as a sleek street-legal kart on steroids, get behind the wheel and just enjoy what it was designed to do. Driving, in its purest form.


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