10 must-have Fallout 4 mods


The modding scene for Fallout 4although not as active as Skyrim‘s, is dynamic. There are tons of mods out there that expand the world of the game, adding features that Bethesda just doesn’t have time for. Old Bethesda titles can be a headache when it comes to modding, but over the years their games have become more stable. Skyrim can run dozens of mods without too much trouble, and Fallout 4 is no different.

The main problem with Bethesda mods is that there are too many of them. Obviously, we cannot install each module unless they are trying to crash their game. Instead, players must pick, choose, and curate a collection that best suits their gameplay. This list can help players who don’t know where to start. turn on your mod managertake one deep breathand try to install some awesome mods for fallout 4!


10/10 Housewife – Expanded Colonies

Quite simply, Homemaker adds hundreds of new items and furnishings to base building in Fallout 4. The vanilla base building experience might feel lacking, with limited options to choose from. Also, everything in the base game looks dirty – we want to feel like we are reconstitution the desert, not only move the garbage. The housewife gives that feeling.

The only real downside is that the large number of new objects perhaps difficult to navigate. Fallout 4’s base building system was designed with consoles in mind. The user interface is big and lacks features such as drop-down menus. The developers clearly never intended to have several hundred objects to sort.

9/10 Start Me Up Redux

New Vegas and Morrowwind play their intros in about five minutes. In Skyrim and Fallout 4 however, the intro sequences last for what feels like an hour. For games on player freedom who encourage multiple readings, it’s too much. It’s no wonder alternate boot mods are so popular.

Start Me Up Redux is the relaunched and updated version of Start Me Up. Not only does this allow the player to skip the long intro, but it allows them to tackle a new past if they want to, which means they will no longer be a parent looking for his son. The mod even changes the game’s dialogue to reflect this. It’s a Welcome to change it really unlocks new role-playing opportunities.

8/10 Extended Armorsmith

Armorsmith Extended is a great mod that adds a ton of new features. It allows players to combine any piece of armor with approximately any outfit. Obviously, this really opens up the character customization options. The mod also adds new armor pieces and improves the customization of existing armor. New colors and mods make it almost as complete as the weapon customization.

Armorsmith Extended adds a ton of new features, far too many to list here, that generally make armoring a more fun experience. The changes are all small on their own, but they come together to make the mod an essential part of any loading order.

7/10 Best Settlers

Better Settlers does exactly what it says; it improves the game’s generic settlers. This may seem like a small change, but it adds a welcome level of variety. With the mod, the colonists look unique and interesting. They don’t all wear the same boring rags and Brahmin skin outfits anymore; instead they can appear with things like combinationsfun Hatsor even armor, weaponsand Stimpaks.

Better Settlers also comes with great optional patches. The Community clothing patch add armor Eli’s Armor Book. An optional mortality patch makes it so colonists can be killed (by other NPCs, not just the player), which gives colony raids a lot more depth.

6/10 Maxwell’s World

There is no tonne good quest mods available for fallout 4, but there are a few, and Maxwell’s World is one of them. This is a very large mod, designed with love, which takes place in a haunted amusement park. The mod contains new weaponsNew music, and sound effectsthe awesome news amusement park areapretty decent voice acting, and more.

Maxwell’s World is not a mod for people who like serious, lore-honored stories. But it’s entertaining and definitely worth playing. The care taken in making it is evident, and it should last a few hours for most players, making it almost like a mini DLC.

5/10 true storms

True Storms is the first weather mod for Fallout 4. As the name suggests, it completely revamps storms but also has a number of effects on other weather conditions. For example, fog effects and radiation clouds don’t walk through walls. Moreover, with this module, rad storms sometimes bring hordes of ghouls with them. It’s a pretty intense feature, but like every other part of the mod, it can be turned on and off.

True Storms has awesome rain particle effects, beautiful lightning and immersive sounds. It actually started as a sound overhaul mod, and this shows. Storm and rain make all the sound fantastic.

4/10 Eli’s Armor Compendium

Eli’s Armor Compendium adds a host of new armor and clothing to Fallout 4. Almost all of the new items look great, and many of them can be modded or recolored at the Armor Workbench. Along with adding a new shop that sells Eli’s armors, the mod also adds them to loot lists so they blend in with the rest of the game.

Eli’s Armor Compendium is probably the best mod for new user friendly armor in Fallout 4. There’s not much more to say about it; it just makes the game better. The modder who created it even got a job in game development, which is a testament to his 3D modeling skills.

3/10 The Beantown Interiors project

This is the perfect mod for anyone who has ever been disappointed with the number of closed doors in Fallout. The Beantown Interiors project unlocks several previously sealed or closed houses, allowing the player to enter, explore, and loot them. The number of closed houses in the base game is quite disappointingso this mod is a natural solution.

The Interiors Project gives the game a ton of depth in a way that isn’t awkward or forced. Places like Concord, which previously felt empty, come alive with opportunities. Buildings that were previously only obstacles to move suddenly offer sufficient coverage and other unique surprises!

2/10 Commonwealth Tales

Tales of the Commonwealth is a huge mod that adds new questsNew companionsdozens of new characters, and thousands of lines of dialogue to Fallout 4. Because the mod’s characters and quests are so spread out, and there are so many of them, the mod even has a wiki-style page to guide players through some of its content. It’s a great mod for on-going games, adding a lot of depth to the game world.

Tales From the Commonwealth adds something Fallout 4 desperately needs – interesting characters to talk to. It’s a nice change of pace for a game most of the time really interesting characters are companions, and there are only a handful of them.

1/10 Fallout 4 unofficial patch

If we could only install one Fallout 4 mod, it would be this one. Almost every Bethesda game has a unofficial bug fix mod. And for almost all Bethesda games, it’s practically a need. From crashing merchants to texture issues to game breaking issues, the list of features fixed by this patch has thousands of entries, and it’s constantly being updated with more. Players might not even notice most of the mod’s features, but they sure will. if they didn’t have it.

Fallout 4’s unofficial patch, or UFO4P, earns its place as one of the most popular mods of all time. It was created by the same dedicated team that created the unofficial Skyrim patch. It’s amazing to see such dedicated fans commit to fixing these games, and they deserve all the support they can get.


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